The Hutton House Wedding Videography | Colette + Inder

A groom and bride walking in front of The Hutton House on their wedding day.

We were all standing by the fireplace in the front room of the Hutton House, waiting for Colette to come down the stairs for the couple’s first look. As we were waiting, there was some conversation about how Inder got to be so comfortable on camera. He started a bit, saying how grateful he was that the photographer left the camera with him the night before so they could really get to know each other. “That intimacy can’t be forced: it has to be organic, you know?” Leaving us all trying to smother our laughter as we got ready for the first look. 

I think the wordsmith thing is genetic because both Inder and his brother gave some of the best wedding toasts I’ve ever heard. Though there was a little bit of Inder-roasting on the part of his brother, he balanced it out with some of the kindest words of gratitude and praise for his big brother. This was an exceptional group of people and it was reflected in the ceremony, the toasts and especially the dancing (which everyone did with very comfortable feet). 

Inder and Colette, we are down to shoot your wedding again anytime and hope to see you at Costco! Congratulations!


Videography | Eyetography
Photography | Leah Fontaine
Planner |  Emma Martin
Venue | The Hutton House

DJ | Preenon Hue
Caterer | BRIE

Florist | Westdale Floral
Bakery | BRIE

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