The Jerome Event Center Wedding Videography | Sarah + Brad

What I learned from Brad and Sarah’s wedding day: If you have a chance to buy a card with puppies on it or a card without puppies on it – BUY THE CARD WITH THE PUPPIES. I don’t care if it’s low hanging fruit. Puppies be cute and there’s never a time when that’s not true. 

But I also learned that Brad and Sarah are amazing, sweet, genuine people, with fantastic family and friends, one of whom was willing to pull out an amazing surfer dance move, the likes of which I have never seen before. 

I’d also like to give another couple random shout outs – to the man driving the truck who pulled into the alley right as Sarah and Brad were reading their private vows, realized what was going on, and waited patiently until they finished with their awesome secret handshake – Thank You! I know you had a job to do and your time is valuable and I just wanted to let you know that it meant a lot to Sarah and Brad and a lot to us who were there to capture that moment. I know you’ll probably never read this, but to all who do – kindness towards strangers exists and it is appreciated! 

Also, to The Jerome’s amazing venue coordinator – you went above and beyond for us – thank you! Sarah and Brad, I’m sure you have no other venue coordinators to compare to, but you had an exceptional coordinator. She changed lights for us so many times and helped us move chairs and tables to get shots and just had the most generous attitude. 

Lastly, to those random school kids who gave you the biggest cheer they could as they passed by – great job! Keep bringing smiles to people’s faces like you did that day!

Sarah and Brad, I think you bring out the best in the people around you and that is why you had such great people around you all day. Thank you for having us there to capture the day that I’m sure started an amazing journey – congratulations!


Venue – The Jerome Event Center
Photo – Taylor Dale
Video – Eyetography
DJ – Jordan Blase
Make-Up – Taylor Marie Beauty
Hair – Taylor Marie Beauty
Caterer – A’BriTin
Dress – The Wedding Shoppe
Florist – Cal + Lily Floral
Suit – Milbern Clothing
Bakery – Sift Bakery/HyVee Bakery

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