Carlos Creek Winery Wedding Photography | Erin + Darren

You may not recognize this lovely couple without their cat Charlie sitting between them (for real, Charlie is a born star and really hogged the spotlight at their engagement session), but here they are minus Charlie at their wedding at Carlos Creek Winery and you have to admit, they can hold their own in a picture without feline assistance. LOVE these guys and loved capturing their wedding day!

It was a chilly fall day, but they were prepared. Everyone got a glass of wine as they entered the ceremony site, which is like a cathedral of trees with an aisle at the center. Of course the bride and groom weren’t handed a glass as they entered, but, being a smart couple, incorporated it into their ceremony by combing wine from two different bottles and cheersing with the blend. After the ceremony they bundled up in blankets and went for a little ride in a horse-drawn carriage as their guests made their way inside.

We’ve shot at Carlos Creek a few times, but never seen the inside setup like it was for Erin and Darren. Instead of sitting on the platform, their head table was on the opposite side of the room so they were right next to – and this is the brilliant part – the fireplace. They had to plan this in the middle of summer, so I call that excellent forethought. It wasn’t a very cold day by Minnesota standards, but it was just crisp enough to make you appreciate all things warm.

Erin and Darren, thank you so much for choosing us to be a part of your wedding day!



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